一,(一) 1-6;EDBCFA (二)1,playing 2,either 3.tutors 4,argument 5,surprised 6.wrong 二,1,call the police up 2,on the phone 3,pay 800 yuan for 4,out of style 5,be kept out of 三,1,to buy 2,watch 3,argued 4,more popular 5,advice 四,1,the matter 2,what does need 3,shouldn't help 4,may be 5,who did buy 五,1,she should eat healthy food 2,you should get up 3.they should player fewer computer games 4,you can ask the policeman 5,he could speak more。



练习一Ⅰ. 1. untidy 2. stamp 3. interview 4. least 5. fanⅡ. 1. collections 2. invited 3. did, start 4. has gone 5.came6. did , buy, have,had 7. have left, don't forgetⅢ. 1~5 BBBBC 6~10 ADACCⅣ. 1. will look after 2. like doing 3. To develop 4.great success5. such asⅤ. 1. My favourite 2. How many 3. to do 4. When 5. Why do练习二Ⅰ. 1. She is afraid to walk in the dark. 2. Are you afraid of snakes ?3. Could you tell me how old Tom is ?4. By the way , why don't you look up the word in the dictionary ?5. I have heard that there is going to be a class meeting on Friday.Ⅱ. 1~5 CADBD 6~10 AADABⅢ. 1.when the train leaves 2. if, wanted 3. if/ whether, was4. don't, not 5. Be, orⅣ. 1~5 BADBB 6~10 CCDBC练习三Ⅰ. 1. make friends 2. day by day 3. at first 4. far away5. at that moment 6. in a few weeks 7. worry about 8. as a result9. smile at… 10. a couple ofⅡ. 1. take up 2. spends, practicing 3. At first 4. to do5. I hope you can have a good time at the party.Ⅲ. 1~5 FBGEDⅣ. 1. cut down 2. in danger 3. fresh 4. save 5. important6. protect 7. waste 8. throw 9. plant 10. beautifulⅤ. 1. It seems 2. 作者; writer3. You should tell your parents what you need 4. BCA 5. C 练习二十一I. 1. interesting 2. bored 3. cool 4. tiring 5. interestedII. 1~5 AABAA 6~10 BAADDIII. 1. had a good time 2. rode a camel 3. fantastic 4. a lot of5. imagine 6. lonely 7. boring 8. travel 9. by ship10. make up my mind 11. swimming 12. skiing 13. interesting14. although 15. happyIV. 1. trip 2. famous 3.with 4. when 5.excited 6.visited7. taking 8. spent 9. but 10. asleep练习二十二I. 1~5 CBAAA 6~7 ABII. 1. 送行 2. go to college 3. 由…制成 4. agree with sb.5. 穿衣服 6. fall asleep 7. 叫醒 8. depend onIII. 1. I would go to China to eat dumplings.2. I would go to South Africa to buy some gold.3. I would go to Australia to see koala bears.4. I would go to Japan to climb Mount Fuji.IV. 1~3 DBA练习二十三I. 1~5 CABAB 6~10 AACBAII. 1. bad 2. dirty 3. useless 4. wetIII. 1. football 2. Victoria Adams 3. his children4. My side is the story of his football career for Manchester United and England, and of his childhood, family and personal life.5. He learned so fast that he was able to go around and give concerts when he was only 11.练习二十四I. 1. he was ill, so he didn't come to the meeting .2. Because they learned new skills, they won the game.3.She spoke in a low voice so that no one could hear.4. I wouldn't mind going by train but I don't like to sit on a hard seat for long hours.5. Although Giraffes are tall, they are very gentle animals.6. He always has some smart ideas when we ask him.7. I worked in that factory for five years before I came to this factory.8. We kept on dancing and singing until they all joined us.9. I am playing football while my brother is writing a letter.10. I will come to your place as soon as you ask me.II. 1~5 BACBD III. The Spring Festival is the most important festival for the Chinese. It falls onthe first day of the first month in the Chinese lunar calendar. On the eve ofthe Spring Festival the Chinese have a family feast. After that they stay up till midnight to welcome the Spring Festival with firecrackers. On New Year's Day, people visit their relatives and friends to exchange New Year's greetings. Children receive a lot of gift money. Lion dances and other performances are very你的是什么版的?。



I enjoy collecting stamps because I can learn many things from these stamps. I hope my stamp collection will grow slowly to include foreign stampsEveryone has his or her hobbies. My hobby is collecting stamps. I collect all kinds of stamps, mostly Chinese stamps. I started collecting stamps when I was in my elementary school. I plan to have many pen pals and exchange letters with them, so I can collect more stamps from letters。



第一页:一、1 excellent 2 repeat 3 grammar 4 mistakes 5 improve二、1 Why don't you spelling with a dictionary?2 How about witing vocabulary mistake in notebook?3 You should listen to English radio programmes to improve you listen.4 Why not read an English newspaper every day?三、2 Check 3 mistakes 4 correct 5 read 6 translation 7 listening第二页:一、1 take 2 counting 3 Others 4 yourself 5 improve二、1 A ,2 D ,3 E, 4 C ,5 B。


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